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Some artists are confined to their own limits, while others always set the bar higher to improve, experiment and explore, using creativity as a weapon of choice to create accomplished and memorable music that transcends genres, tastes and backgrounds.  

This is definitely the case of Jordan March, an artist with a special personality and a very versatile voice. 
Jordan is an uprising talent to watch out within the pop/electronic/ R&B scene. Straight out of New York, Jordan creates songs that feel eclectic, yet direct and personal. 

His music is a truly transformative and liberating experience, empowering listeners with a truly powerful emotional vibe and with lyrics that go straight to the heart. 

As an artist, Jordan produces and writes his own material, giving him complete creative and even technical control in the recording studio. In addition to that, he is also a very skillful dancer and performer with a keen love for storytelling through movement. 

In a similar veins to influential artists such as Prince or Michael Jackson David Bowie, Eminem. Jordan is not that kind of musician who settles for anything less than absolute excellence. His songs are proof that he is always on the working towards the best sound, the best moves, the best lines and the most meaningful lyrics, constantly growing as an artist, song by song, and seamlessly connecting with his audience in a deep, meaningful way. His music has a distinct sense of vision, that clearly manifests itself through his world-class productions and incredible performances. 

Jordan’s recent track, “Get This Way”, combines poignant lyricism with catchy hooks and stunning production aesthetics. This song showcases Jordan’s diverse scope, with its genre-bending attitude and open vibe with tons of mass appeal. 


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